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Just imagine the amount of relief you would get if you knew that your child is safe and sound always? What all could you do if you never have to worry about your child being kidnapped? How much time would you save if you didn’t have to follow your child around whenever he goes out to play in the park?

Well, this is no longer a dream for young mothers and fathers. We, at Fitnano, realized that this stress of keeping their children safe was becoming a major sore point in the lives of parents. Thus, we after much research and development, we came up with a GPS Tracking SmartWatch – KidFit.

In this article, we aim to shed some light on the most basic and most important technology used in our innovative safety tool i.e. Global Positioning System.

GPS has revolutionized our lives and played a major part in most technological innovations. The crux of this system is a network of 24 satellites that are synchronized to broadcast unique signals simultaneously which are used to calculate their position. If the signal is received by more than 3 satellites, your position can be accurately calculated with precision.

These wristwatch-sized computers come with a library of information that can be accessed easily and instantaneously. You don’t have to waste precious moments in configuring it during initial setup. Just connect it with our Android/iOS based mobile application and voila, your GPS Tracking Smartwatch is ready to use.

Just clip it on your child’s wrist and allow him to explore his/her surroundings and avail his freedom without the parent worrying about his safety and protection.

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